How valuable is AWS Certification?

It’s no surprise that 82 percent of IT professionals polled in the United States and Canada had at least one AWS certification. In addition, the average number of confirmations received by review responders was 2.9. AWS was founded in 2006 as an internal foundation of AWS is an Amazon cloud service that provides services in building blocks that can be used to construct and deploy any application in the cloud. AWS offers around 90 services, with the most popular being (S3). AWS Certification tests cost can varry in different levels.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (ASS) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and are examples of cloud computing services, as represented by the letter b. According to the 2016 IT Skills and Compensation Survey, the pay rates of AWS-certified IT professionals have increased by 10% since 2015, and AWS certification may increase your salary by 26%.


There are many certifications available in for professionals. According to the Business Surveys, AWS certified solutions architect is one of the most important cloud certifications. How to proceed in few simple steps.

 1. You must first create an AWS account.

 2. Your domain name (optional but recommended)


The Advantages of AWS Certification

1. Globally Recognized Community member of the AWS Certified professionals.

2. Get access to AWS Certification lounges and AWS Summit events.

3. Use of the Officially Certified Logo

4. With our new AWS Certified Logo, you can proudly display your accomplishment. The AWS training program is a comprehensive training program provided by NetCom Learning. The program has been modified in light of current industry measures and includes major sub-modules as part of the preparation process. The AWS Classroom training course is designed and taught by industry experts. The training is delivered by an established expert with years of relevant AWS expertise.